Irene "Beetsie" Elizabeth Marcuse Silver

  • Born

    New Haven, Connecticut
    By tabitha.silver615
  • Berkeley

    Beetsie, for that is who she was then, moved to Berkeley with her family and attended Berkeley High School her Sophomore year. She quickly adapted to the West Coast and never recovered, despite eventually settling back on the east coast.
    Irene and I hopped on a train from Oakland to Denver summer 1969. I was on my way to college and she was returning to CT. We told our families that we had reservations at the Y but we didn't, instead finding a hotel with no windows. Our first daring independent adventure. Lauren
    Judy Hamilton
    Irene and I met in PE class at Berkeley High. We were the only people not talking to others as we had both moved to Berkeley that year while our parents were on a one year sabbatical. Irene never let me forget that I had this matching purse and shoes. She thought it looked dorkey...I thought I looked very sophisticated. Irene introduced me to the hiking club and became my closest friend that year and for many years to come.
  • Died

    New York, New York
    By tabitha.silver615