Prajwal Raj Kilari

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What are your best memories of time together?

Gordon Toon
Too many good memories to count. Praj and I were randomly assigned roommates at UNC together, and I couldn't have asked for a better matchup. He was so crucial to my positive experiences at UNC that I can't imagine where I would have ended up without his consistently upbeat friendship and brotherhood. We ended up deciding to live with each other for all 4 years of undergrad, and I was selfishly upset that I couldn't continue our journey together with him up into NYC after graduation. Praj was the anchor for the larger group of guys that roomed together those same 4 years, and we will ALL miss his companionship and the endless stories he generated (and was often at the center of).
Abhiram Reddy
My mom and his mom are really close friends. As a kid, I used to hang out at his house whenever I would visit my cousins in Reno. I lost touch probably around middle school, but I have vivid memories of playing video/computer games as well as playing in the snow in their backyard as a kid. Dude was always smiling and so full of life, it's crazy. After reading these comments and looking at the photos posted, it's obvious that Prajwal was a positive and fulfilling force in the lives of all the people he ended up encountering. He was only 2 years younger than me. May he find peace.
Sharon Y. Kim
I would typically bump into Praj while running to or from the restroom at work and I always appreciated his warm and thoughtful charm. Miss you Prajwal!
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What will you miss most about Prajwal?

Diana K
Prajwal was my work buddy for almost 5 years and he was such a fun and sweet person to be around. He was always such a true friend willing to help out and there for a good laugh when times were tough.
Gordon Toon
His humor, friendship, warmth, and intelligence. Talking to Prajwal never got dull, and I was honored to count him among my closest friends.
Evelina Freeman
Prajwal had the kindest heart and was a joy to work with on any project--he will be so missed!
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What six words best describe Prajwal?

Lina Xu
Kindhearted, smiling, polite, gentle, sweet, helpful.
Kriti Soni
A beautiful person, inside and out. ♥️
Samantha Soto
Generous, patient, kind, sweet, thoughtful, caring.
ekaette edet
Kindhearted, compassionate, sweet, funny, charismatic, humble

If you could send Prajwal a message now, what would you say?

Gordon Toon
You will live on as another Toon in my book. I'll always think back on our time together fondly, and we're with you - always.

What did you learn from Prajwal?

Gordon Toon
Praj made me a warmer and more empathetic person, because he so strongly embodied those positive traits (along with a ton of others).

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