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What were Scooby's favorite spots in your home?

M Nicholas
Right in front of the coach
M Nicholas
M Nicholas
Right in front of the couch

What was Scooby proudest of?

M Nicholas
Taking care of his sick brother

What was Scooby's best trick? Have a video?

M Nicholas
Scooby could sit, lie down, wait, and best of all shake hands.

What nicknames did you call Scooby?

M Nicholas
Scoob, Scooba, Scooby Dooby Doo

What do you miss most about Scooby?

M Nicholas
Seeing his happy face every time I come home.

What did Scooby do that made you laugh?

M Nicholas
When we brought home Scoob's little brother, he peed on my leg to show little bro that I was his.

What made Scooby happiest?

What are your favorite pictures of Scooby?

How did you pick Scooby's name?

What are some of your favorite videos of Scooby?

What was Scooby's favorite food?

What six words best describe Scooby?