William Allen

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Who did William like or admire?

Michele LaCount
Dad was a huge Elvis fan. He always styled his hair like Elvis.

What were William's greatest passions?

Michele LaCount
I would say bowling and putting together puzzles and gluing them then gifting them to the kids and grandkids

What did William dislike?

Michele LaCount
Dad seemed to dislike change. He was afraid of needing something so he rarely threw things away.

What are your best memories of time together?

Michele LaCount
My favorite memory of my dad will always be how he used to babysit CJ. One time I came to pick CJ up and he told me he was concerned because he kept offering him his sippy cup but he hadn't drank anything all day. Turns out the cup had a cap on it and he hadn't removed it so it wasn't possible for CJ to get anything out of it. There was another time he babysat and CJ had a bad blowout. This was the first poopy diaper he had changed in many many years. I ended up having to give CJ a bath because I could not locate the source of the poop smell, but it was so adorable and heartwarming that grandpa tried so hard.

What did William love?

Michele LaCount
He loved his grand kids. He also loved to bowl. He loved to feel useful and help people.

What's your favorite picture of William?

Michele LaCount

What will you miss most about William?

Michele LaCount
I will most miss his laugh. He didn't share it much the last few years, but as a child I remember how hearing him laugh would make me smile.

Did William have a favorite phrase or common mannerism?

Michele LaCount
Well you know...the fact of the matter...

If you could send William a message now, what would you say?

Michele LaCount
I hope you know I love you and I wish you were still here. We should have taken the time to connect better. I regret not taking the initiative to really get to know you as a person. I will always hold dearly the memories we did make. I miss you so much already.

What made William laugh?

Michele LaCount
Teasing his grand kids. He was a jokester.

How would William most want to be remembered?

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