Michael Kokiko

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Donnaldson Brown
"Mental hygiene" - what does that mean? You're going to floss some crenellations....?
Tom George
We had a job site discussion about how many beers you could drink in a night and still claim you didn't have "issues". We decided you could have 3 beers a night and still be issue free. Mike called that "maintinence drinking". I still try to follow that rule.
DR Miller
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What will you most remember about Mike?

Donnaldson Brown
...his calling me darlin'...
Tom George
So I’m just starting a new job and one of the guys knows Mike from back in the day. Turns out the guy was there when the dog ate the end of Mike’s thumb. Mike asked the guy to kill the dog so they could get the end of his thumb back. Guy couldn’t do it. Mike says I would of killed the dog for you, Man. He had a higher standard of friendship than most.
Donnaldson Brown
Hi Tom - Wow, what a small world, and what a story...! Sounds like Mike's sense of humor. Mike couldn't kill a mouse. When we had mice immigrating into our house during a neighbor's renovation, I had to lay and dispose of the traps....ha!
Wende Persons
We have a daily reminder of Mike in our Brooklyn garden: the hen house he built in three hours that would have taken us three days. We're getting a small plaque with Mike's name on it for The Palace. Everybody says Mike could build anything, but I'll bet we're the only ones who got a Mike Kokiko chicken coop!
Wende & BJ

What were some of Mike's favorite books, movies, pieces of music?

Donnaldson Brown
Mike read voraciously....He loved Harry Crews. Loved music (even though he was completely tone deaf), especially The Clash, "the only band that matters...," and Alejandro Escovedo. And I think he saw Apocalypse Now about fifteen times...
Terry Hempleman
We traded some emails recently about Wise Blood, the John Huston film. We saw it together soon after it came out at UNC Chapel Hill, and we both loved it.

How to get rid of wasps Mike-style...

Donnaldson Brown
Part 2
Donnaldson Brown
Part 1

How did Mike change your life?

Terry Hempleman
I was in my late twenties and living in NYC. I was broke and drifting without much of a plan. Mike gave me a job that helped pull me out of my downward spiral then, and he got me started learning the carpentry trade which I still work in today.

Did Mike have a favorite phrase or common mannerism?

Mike Tiepolt
"Let's go out and build a better New York..."

What will you miss most about Mike?

When / where / how did you meet Mike?

Do you have an object or item that reminds you of Mike?

What is your favorite memory of Mike?