Michael Kokiko

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Donnaldson Brown
"Mental hygiene" - what does that mean? You're going to floss some crenellations....?
Tom George
We had a job site discussion about how many beers you could drink in a night and still claim you didn't have "issues". We decided you could have 3 beers a night and still be issue free. Mike called that "maintinence drinking". I still try to follow that rule.
DR Miller
Tom George
I remember we were working on a job for Fred Larson. There was a guild trained French cabinetmaker on the job. I was picking the guys brain trying to learn something. He was always telling me you can't force the wood. Mike took me aside. He said "Look, I'll admit wood has a soul. I also know I can kick it's soul's ass."
Tom George
My first construction job in NY. I was sweeping the floor. Mike started teaching me carpentry. One day I picked up his Record bench plane. He said " Don't touch that Man, you'll mess up its chakras."
Terry Hempleman
Reeling out into the afternoon sun in the East Village after many beers, and spying a tiny dog on the end of a hipster's leash: "I could GEEK that dawg!"
Tom George
Donnaldson Brown
Passing a bush nearly vibrating with a loud, raucous band of sparrows...
Mike: They're fomenting. Probably against Blue Jays...