Solway House

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      The Walters Buy Solway House!

  • The Walters Buy Solway House!

    Jack and Martha Walter bought Solway House, a bungalow in Saugerties, NY in 1963. The bungalow would be used by the family until the early 2000s, when it was sold to a group of Orthodox Jews from Russia.

    By Elizabeth Lewis
    Susan Sorkenn
    I believe my family spent a couple of weeks at Solway House over a few years about 1950. I have wonderful memories of carefree days, pinball machines, family meals, and a pine “forest.” We stayed in the main house and met the same families each year. I remember the Bensons and the Traum families. Happy are Artie Traum went on to become well-known folk guitarists.
    Sue Geier
    Solway House was a small resort with many cottages , a swimming pool, a recreation hall, a dining hall, etc. My grandmother Elisabeth Eisen and grandfather Bill Eisen began and grew it, and sold it to Jack and Martha Walter in 1963.
    Susan Sorkenn
    The sale took place many years after we were last there. It was a wonderful summer respite from NYC streets. I was married in 1962.
    N Anderson
    My family spent several happy summers at Solway House when it was owned by Elizabeth + Bill Eisen. I was just reminded of Solway House with the NY Historical Society exhibit about AUGUSTA SAVAGE, an African-American sculptor who's work was exhibited at the 1939 World's Fair. Does anyone know how she came to work at Solway House?