Tammie Homad

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How did Tammie affect other people?

Betsy Penson
People either loved Tam or irritated them. Most who knew her well loved her. Those she encountered in passing may have found her boisterous personality a bit much and those that tried to supervise her were no doubt left frustrated. The part I loved about Tam, was that she didn't care either way. She was always true to herself. Take her or leave her, made no difference to her. Most of us craved more of her time. She always left us wanting more, especially now.

What made Tammie happy?

Betsy Penson
A good road trip with tunes blasting and singing Bonnie Raitt at the top of her lungs, boots, hats, solitude, the beach, Alaska, Mexico, the outdoors, Bonnie Raitt concerts, good friends and most of all her animals.

How would Tammie most want to be remembered?

Betsy Penson
I think Tammie would want to be remembered as she was: as a free spirit who didn't give a damn what other people thought but was able to endear herself to many. In contacting people about Tammie's passing, people are truly sad and shocked and share so many positive comments about who Tammie was, a generous, happy, energetic, loving, creative and entertaining person. She was a loving dog mom, daughter, sister and aunt extraordinare'. I think that is exactly how she would want to be remembered.

If you could send Tammie a message now, what would you say?

Betsy Penson
Tammie you are so missed. I'm having trouble accepting the reality that you are gone. I hope that Dad and Nana are with you now and you are as happy as you always seemed to be. Thanks for all your help with mom. Your departure has certainly made me more aware that I need to deal with anything preventing me from living to my full potential now because you never know when tomorrow might not be an option. I wish I had another tomorrow with you. Love you Sis!

What are your best memories of time together?

Betsy Penson
There are so many but one really stands out. She was working in Dayton, Ohio and I was in Columbus for business. I took an extra day to meet her in Dayton. We had so much fun, laughing until we cried and reconnecting.

What's your favorite picture of Tammie?

Betsy Penson
This was such a fun Girls' Day Out. We had as much fun waiting in line for Bonnie and had as much fun in line as we did at the concert.

What did Tammie dislike?

Betsy Penson
vegetables, conflict, being told what to do!

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