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What did Harley do that made you laugh?

Laura Caswell
He would go and get a toy, get Rowdy's attention so that Rowdy would take the toy away to play with it. Then he would come over to get all the love and attention from us. Smart boy!
Laura Caswell
If he wanted your attention, he would come over and rest his face on the couch an sigh. If that didn't work he would do that again, then nudge you until you got the hint ~ lol!
Laura Caswell
He would would vo on "a walk about" with Rowdy. Leave Rowdy and come home. He did that when Rowdy was a puppy. We were lucky someone picked up Rowdy on Precinct Road and we were able to get him back.

What are your favorite pictures of Harley?

Laura Caswell

What made Harley happiest?

Laura Caswell
Love and attentionšŸ˜ƒ

What was Harley's favorite food?

Laura Caswell
Any and everything!

How did Harley become a part of your family?

Laura Caswell
He was a gift from a family friend.

What do you miss most about Harley?

Laura Caswell

What was Harley's most human characteristic?

Laura Caswell
Giving me the best hugsā™”

How did you pick Harley's name?

What are some of your favorite videos of Harley?

What six words best describe Harley?

Favorite photo of Harley looking awesome?

Favorite photo of Harley looking guilty?