Stanley Clark

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What will you miss most about Stanley?

Carolyn Huff
Hi sunny disposition, gentle spirit, his ready smile, his hugs.
Stacy Dennis
His unconditional love .
His reassurance that I will be ok .
His singing.

If you could send Stanley a message now, what would you say?

Stacy Dennis
Daddy, I love you .
Just one more song my sweet daddy, your soothing voice as you would sing me to sleep is a treasure I keep in my soul.

Thank you for your unending love. I miss you more than words , I love you more than I knew , but you knew that .

You are my daddy , my rock - There is a hole where your light was , but you are shining brighter as you breathe with ease ; you are finding a new place to share your light and love for me from up above.
Carolyn Huff
Daddy, I love you and miss you more than anything! I miss hugging you, miss talking to you, miss hearing your stories, miss your perspective, miss your humor, miss your word games, miss your smile, miss your sunny disposition and positive outlook. I just miss you~~~!! XO I love you.

What do you most want people in the future to know about Stanley?

Carolyn Huff
That he was a good man, he worked hard, and was very intelligent. He loved his family and his friends, and would do anything for them. He love his parents, and siblings, loved his daughters and his wife. He always expected us to do our best, and no matter how far short we fell from perfect, it didn't matter as long as we did our best, our genuine best. He was very disciplined, especially with money, until he was in his early 80s. He could do anything once he set his mind to it. he was a creative and determined person, and also a man with a heart of gold.

Did Stanley have a favorite phrase or common mannerism?

Carolyn Huff
He loved to toast whenever he was with family and or friends, especially with a good merlot in his glass! His favorite toast was one he said in Spanish, about good food, good friends, etc., and the time to enjoy it. Sorry I can't remember it right now. He loved to talk and read about the power of the mind, and he really believed and lived it. His favorite phrase is "Have a Positive Mental Attitude" - he believed that there is no solution, than there was no problem to begin with. Wrap your head around that! He could stay calm in almost any situation, and I loved this about him. As his health got worse, he did lose his temper sometimes, but that was because he was struggling to move, to breathe (sometimes), he got frustrated with his oxygen concentrator, etc. But the whole rest of his life, he always had a sunny disposition (earning him his nickname, "Sunny") and a positive outlook. He was the ultimate optimist. I miss and love this about him.

What did Stanley love?

Carolyn Huff
He loved his family most of all, but he also loved good company, a Sunday paper, playing the lotto, music, dancing, good stories over a bottle of merlot with a loved one or a good friend, the sunset, adventure, travel, and learning new things.

How would Stanley most want to be remembered?

Stacy Dennis
A good man .
A great daddy

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