Stanley Clark

  • Born

    Carolyn Huff
    Born in Boston, MA. at the Children's Hospital, the only one of his mom's children to be born in a hospital, because they had found that he had a heart defect before he was born.
  • 2

    Married Margaret Olean Inman Perry

    Charleston , West Virginia
    I don't know the details , but my understanding is Dad and his first wife Phyllis did not have a good marriage . Dad went to West Va to visit a friend . ( He may or may not have left his wife at this time ) . He saw mom laying on the couch with her long hair hanging over the edge of the couch ..... In my soap opera mind... they fell madly in love and when he couldn't get divorced in Massachusetts he went to Vegas . With in days of getting the divorce he and Mom married . They were married for almost 33 years.
    By Stacy Dennis
  • Died

    By Carolyn Huff