Lisa & Ned Are Engaged!

Their story begins here

By Ned Berke and Lisa Willner

"Lisa Fiona Willner, 34, of Brooklyn, accepted a proposal of marriage from Nathaniel 'Ned' Berke, 32, of Brooklyn, on August 4, 2016, the second anniversary of their relationship. Willner, a high school English teacher, consented to the digital media entrepreneur's offer through tears of happiness aboard a cruise in the New York Harbor, in the warm glow of the setting sun bouncing between the Manhattan and Brooklyn cityscapes."

This is how our life story begins; everything else has been mere prologue. 

What is this?

Yep, we're engaged. It's pretty terrific, and we want to ensure we remember every detail with help from our family and friends. That's why we're making this LifePost - so that any notes of congrats, recollections of our relationship, photos, et cetera, can be saved in one place. 

Your Way around

You're reading our "LifeStory" - but in our eyes that's just getting started with the announcement of our engagement. You can celebrate this moment with us in the comments section here, or by checking out the other sections:

LifeQs: Wondering what to say other than congrats? LifeQs has questions you can answer, as well as places to share photos, video, et cetera. Check it out!

LifeTimeline: Want to know how we met? Or how Ned proposed? It's in the LifeTimeline, as well as some of the meaningful moments of our relationship in between. If you were there for any of it, please share your memories on the comments section attached to each of the events! Check it out!

Nuts & Bolts

We're already getting lots of questions. So let's try to answer a few here:

  • When's the wedding? Friends, as I write this it has been less than 24 hours since we became engaged, and we've already been asked about a dozen times. We don't know yet. When we do, you'll find out. :)
  • Will there be an engagement party? See above.
  • How'd he do it? Check out the LifeTimeline.
  • If a woodchuck could chuck wood, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck? Due to new EPA regulations, even if a woodchuck would chuck much wood, only 183 cords of wood are permitted per year.
  • What's the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything? 42
  • What's the question? Hell if we know.
  • This is cool. Can I make one? Yes. Ned is a relentless self-promoter, and as part of the leadership team at LifePosts is happy to tell you that LifePosts is a free, fun and easy way to celebrate life's most important moments. Just click "Create a LifePost" on the top right corner of your screen and you can create a lasting memorial for somebody who has passed away, or celebrate the births, birthdays, graduations, or anything else.

Stay informed

We will continue to update this LifePost throughout the next year as we plan our wedding and our lives together. If you want to keep track, make sure you leave a comment so you receive emails whenever we make changes. 

Thanks! We love you all!

Lisa Fiona Willner & Ned Berke
Engagement & Wedding
David Berke
Congratulations! So very happy for you both!
Craig Berke
I remember Ned saying multiple times that he will never get married. I guess what he meant was he will never get married until he meets someone way better than himself...way way better. Congrats!
Ned Berke
That's about right.
Steven Waldman
YAY!!!!! Mazol Tov to two wonderful people who truly deserve each other (in the best sense).
Ruth Berke
Love you both. Welcome to the family Lisa
Amy Cunningham
Wow! This thing is awesome. Steve and I extend our warmest congratulations.
Being married is one of life's greatest blessings.
Lisa Fiona Willner & Ned Berke
Engagement & Wedding