Steven Kennedy

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What are your best memories of time together?

Casey Lombardo
I remember trying to drive from Long Beach to Tracy, CA with Steve and Katie to visit their folks, but a semi-truck jack-knifed across the freeway, blocking the whole northbound side of I-5 just before the Grapevine.

This was in the days before GPS apps, so we pulled over at a grocery store to look at their roadmaps and plotted a spontaneous course through the Ojai mountains, eventually having to stop at some remote firehouse to ask for directions and make sure we weren't going to get completely stranded.

I remember being stressed out of my mind for a while there, but Steve was taking it all in stride and with a smile. I think life was probably always an adventure for him, and not about getting from point A to point B. This was just another day another dollar. Who cared if we were lost? We saw the sun go down over winding Ojai switchbacks, and later were the lone car on a stretch of empty, flat highway under a billion stars looking for UFOs on the way to Taft where we could hook back up with I-5 and a more familiar reality.
Claire Roberts
Our camping trip, yes that city boy camped ;) we had a blast

Hanging out at the beach

Trying to figure out which movie references I would get, oh wait...I never got any of them darn my media bubble

Our deep converataions....come on world, fix your self.