Steven Kennedy

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What made Steven happy?

Claire Roberts
Claire Roberts
More than anything in the world, Steve loved to ride his bike, man that kid could shred.
Claire Roberts
Claire Roberts
A list of goals he wrote down in May,

Apply/figure out how a way to pay for school
Work while going to school
Teach in Santa Cruz/Aptos/or somewhere close
Travel in the summer
Shred BMX
Go camping/hiking/bicycling/surfing/snowboarding
Learn to dance
Learn an instrument
Stay busy, have purpose, and lots of exercise
Claire Roberts
Thinking about the future, both his own and international development. Technological advancements..."Robots are most definitely going to take over the world one day, but not before we figure out a cure for cancer and how to live immortally. Maybe by then we will have found some other really cool planet to destroy, ha, or maybe aliens will get us first." You never know.