Happy Holidays and a Terrific New Year!

    • FEB 14

      Lisa & Ned's first overseas trip together: Malaysia

    • APR


    • APR 15

      Lisa moves in with Ned

    • APR 25

      Murrow High School Celebrated 40 Years!

    • JUN

      Feast of Flavors: At the New Place!

    • JUN 27

      Ned leaves Sheepshead Bites

    • JUL 13

      Two birthdays, and three weeks in Argentina

    • JUL 30

      Lisa gives Ned a surprise birthday present

    • AUG

      Weddings, weddings, weddings!

    • AUG 03

      Ned begins working at LifePosts

    • SEP 08

      We lost Uncle Danny

    • OCT 16

      Anne Willner retires!

    • OCT 26

      Lisa's Family Celebration

    • NOV 27

      We're domestic partners!

    • DEC 05

      Feast of Flavors: Ned and Lisa

    • DEC 13

      Willner Family Hanukkah Celebration

    • DEC 31

      Happy Holidays and a terrific New Year!

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    Lisa & Ned's first overseas trip together: Malaysia

    It wasn't just our first overseas trip together, it was really our first trip together - period. We spent a week scouring markets, street stalls and restaurants of Malaysia, occasionally stopping to look at some monkeys or... I guess we didn't do much else. We ate a lot.

    Lisa was bummed that we were going to spend our first Valentine's Day together on a plane, so Ned surprised her with an (electric) candlelight dinner on board. Like the sap she is, she kept the candles, 99-cent placemats, and fake flower as souvenirs.

    Thanks to Gabey for being a terrific tour guide to KL!
  • Babies!

    There were great moments of joy this year: Ned welcomed a new nephew, Nicholas into the family in April; there's a second cousin, Sebastian, on the way for Lisa, too.

    Ned's cousin and second cousin, Edward and Anthony, both had kids virtually days apart.

    Lisa's best friend Amanda gave birth to Hunter.

    Here's a photo of Nicholas weeks after he came into the world.
  • Lisa moves in with Ned

    Ned's roommates Will and Sonia move out after a year and a half, and Lisa moves in. It's not such a big move - they only lived three block apart. But forever after, people who had never been to the apartment before she moved in tell her how well she's fixed up the place, much to Ned's chagrin.
  • Murrow High School Celebrated 40 Years!

    Brooklyn, New York
    Edward R. Murrow High School celebrated 40 years of academic excellence.

    The reunion meant Lisa got to spend the day with her friends and sister.

    Fun fact: Murrow High School, aside from being Lisa's place of employment and high school, is the reason Ned and Lisa met.

    P.S. The photo is of Lisa's high school friend Alex's daughter Natalie!
    By Lisa Willner
  • Feast of Flavors: At the New Place!

    Brooklyn, New York
    Ned and Lisa host their first joint Feast of Flavors!

    They cook up a storm - inspired by their Malaysian adventures and other recipes.

    Their friends and family bring other delicious treats.

    Good times continue!
    By Lisa Willner
  • Ned leaves Sheepshead Bites

    Seven years after founding a local news website, and one year after selling it, Ned decides to leave the local news business (for now). It was bittersweet; he was heading to a new opportunity with excitement, but knew he'd miss the reporting family he helped build at Corner Media. Here's the last photo he posted on the site; it captured how he felt after 7 years.
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    Two birthdays, and three weeks in Argentina

    Lisa and Ned's birthdays are two days apart, and with his new-found free time and her time off from school, they decided to spend it in Argentina.

    They spent a week hiking and horseback riding around Cordoba and the valleys around it, eating steaks, drinking wine and meeting local canines. Then they headed to Buenos Aires to check out the beautiful architecture, street art and crazy markets before jetting off to Uruguay's Colonia for a few days.

    Ned established a new love of red wine, particularly in the early afternoon. He began to like olives, too... begrudgingly.

    We took lots of photos, and learned to entertain one another even when things got a little boring (looking at you, Cordoba).

    Our hosts, Cecilia and her parents were amazing and generous. Thanks!
  • Lisa gives Ned a surprise birthday present

    Lisa surprised Ned with an awesome birthday present. She woke him up early and made him take the train to Manhattan without telling him why. He was grumpy the whole time. Then they went down a dark alley to an unmarked door.

    Turns out, Lisa had gotten in touch with the folks in charge of the Whitney Museum and had arranged for them to pull out three paintings by his grandfather, Francis Criss, from their storage facility. He got to take a close look at works he hadn't seen before. It was one of those gifts you get and don't ever forget.
  • Weddings, weddings, weddings!

    There were loads of weddings in August - Ned's brother David made the family a little bigger and better with Athena; one of Ned's best friends, Scott married Margaret; Lisa's close friends Elizabeth and Michael tied the knot as well.

    Other than the August weddings, Dave and Evelyn got engaged earlier in the year and Brianne and Brian got engaged later in the year. Ned's old friend Ilona married Alex earlier in the year, too.

    Congrats, everybody!
  • Ned begins working at LifePosts

    After his few weeks off, Ned rolled up his sleeves and got back to work - this time helping to build the very site you're reading this on.

    He's been excited about rolling this out to the world, and grateful for the friendship and camaraderie among his colleagues Ju-Don and Steve, two incredibly smart and talented people he's learning lots from.
    By Ned Berke
  • We lost Uncle Danny

    New York
    Daniel Willner was taken from this world far too soon. Danny's diagnosis with stage four lung cancer early 2015. It was quick and painful. But through it all he never stopped being the proud, loving, and supportive man loved by all.

    Danny was a proud parent and grandparent, a loving father, big brother, wonderful uncle, and devoted husband. He will be forever missed.
    By Lisa Willner
  • Anne Willner retires!

    Brooklyn, New York
    It was the end of an era. On October 16, 2015, Anne Willner retired from Davis Polk and Wardwell. She'd been working there since before her eldest daughter Lisa was born.

    There was a beautiful celebration with lots of shrimp and wine. And her family learned just how adored she was in her place of work!

    (Yes, that paparazzi behind her is her husband)
    By Lisa Willner
  • Lisa's Family Celebration

    Three generations of family got together to celebrate life:The Schoenbergs, Strams and Willners.

    The event concluded with this gem of a photo (Ned took the picture).

    Until next year!
    By Lisa Willner
  • We're domestic partners!

    Just after Thanksgiving, Lisa and Ned marched down to Borough Hall and got the city's seal of approval - or whatever - on their relationship. Hello health insurance and hospital visitation rights!
    By Ned Berke
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    Feast of Flavors: Ned and Lisa

    Brooklyn, New York
    Ned and Lisa hosted another Feast of Flavors at their new place.

    There was pizza cake, bourbon, donuts, ice cream, baked ziti and even the company of Goobie!

    Josh continued the tradition of master of ceremonies!
    By Lisa Willner
  • 8

    Willner Family Hanukkah Celebration

    Teaneck, New Jersey
    The Willner family created new memories when Shelley and Rob hosted the annual Willner Hanukkah gathering on a warm December day.

    By Lisa Willner
  • Happy Holidays and a terrific New Year!

    The best part of the season is remembering those who make the holidays meaningful.

    We wish you all the love and happiness this season can bring, and may it follow you throughout the coming new year.

    Ned and Lisa
    Tina Gray
    Wishing the two of you all the best this holiday season and in the coming new year!!!! Been looking forward to LifePosts!!!!!