Paula Denise Stephenson

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If you could send Paula a message now, what would you say?

Darlene Ledford
Sister I still miss you so much to this day. I love you so much. I have talked with the boys I wish you were here to talk with them also. They love you so much.
Mary Beauman
I wish we could of gotten to know each other better. I love all the stories I'm hearing about you! We will have a laugh someday! Love you.
Justin Zeiger
I'm sorry mom I know you loved me and Zach and cared about us. understood and forgave us. Don't worry you rest easy I'll watch after my brother. Love you.
Laney Stephenson-Peters
Thank you, Justin. Beautifully said
Michelle Stephenson
I love you darlin! Fly with the angels baby girl! Tell our heavenly family how much we love and miss them. See you soon darlin!