Melinda Louise Truax

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What are your best memories of time together?

Lisa Stell
The time she spent with me helping with Iris right after she was born. Every Mothers Day and November she'd come to visit after...I adored watching mom and Iris together. She taught me what is was to be a mom. A GREAT mom. What an amazing example she was to me.
Watching musicals together, the time we spent at the Riviera Club in Indy over 30 years ago, the times at the Childrens Museum, back scratches, reading me the Birthday Book by Dr. Suess every year since I was 6 until I was a teenager, her arms around me, her hands stroking my face when I was young, how she used to recall the times when I was toddler to me in funny stories she could STILL remember 30 years later...
Melissa Stell
The time we spent together over the past couple of years in Indianapolis. We had so much fun together; paddle-boating on the canal, biking through downtown and the talks we had.
Lisa Stell
I remember back in 1996, I believe, she had driven out to see me where I was living at the time with my boyfriend in Alexandria. I don't really remember much about the visit except I was trying to get my drivers license and had been practicing in my boyfriend's 1988 Firebird for a few months. When my mom found out she took me out in her old jalopy Celebrity to practice a little bit more and then went straight to the DMV to let me use her car to pass the test, which of course I did because it was my mom who believed I would.
I'd almost forgotten about that until today when I spotted a driver in training almost blow past a red light burning serious rubber in the process of trying to stop. Another one of many amazing things my mom did for me.

If you could send Melinda a message now, what would you say?

Lisa Stell
Mom, I want to let you know you did an amazing job raising Misty and I. You had a bigger heart than anyone I know. You always put everyone else's needs before your own. I want to let you know what a huge impact you have had on my life and your grand-daughter's life. I'm so grateful you are my mom and were a part of my life for as long as you were. I want you back. My life has a huge hole in it without you in it. I love you.
Melissa Stell
Lisa and I will always remember how much you loved us. You are missed, but your girls will be ok.

What six words best describe Melinda?

Lisa Stell
Gentle, kind, loving, selfless, mom.
Lisa Stell
and beautiful- inside & out.

What made Melinda happy?

Lisa Stell
I know mom enjoyed the community of her church, playing cards with family and friends, cooking, reading [scripture], reading to her granddaughter, Iris.
The day of her death and the days leading up to her funeral were absolutely gorgeous 65-70 degree days full of sunshine. That would've made her smile.
Melissa Stell
Her daughters Lisa and Melissa and her grand-daughter Iris Marie.

What's your favorite picture of Melinda?

Melissa Stell
These photos of me and my mom are very similar; me at age 4 and Mom at age 5.

How would Melinda most want to be remembered?

Melissa Stell
As a faithful child of god, loving wife and wonderful mother of two daughters.

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