Trash Freeway

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What was your absolute favorite meal from the trip?

Naomi Davis
When we hit 1,000 miles, we reached Carbondale, IL. And for the first time since beginning Trash Freeway, we came across a restaurant with vegan options! It was time to treat ourselves. We each ordered TWO entrees and shared them both, savoring every flavor. This was the first time since we left from Virginia Beach that we had tasted something so delicious and it felt like a dream come true. Half of our conversations while biking seemed to revolve around food we were dreaming of: guacamole, watermelons, burritos, hummus, curry, and more. Now, our dreams were finally coming true. I will never forget the way the flavors felt exaggerated and overwhelmed my sense. I have never appreciated a good meal so much. The best part, and kind passerby exchanged stories with us and was so excited about our journey, that he picked up our check. We couldn't believe it.
Jaime Mishkin
The best meals from the trip were anything, ANYTHING that didn't involve corn flakes, grape nuts, tomato sauce, bread, peanut butter, or Clif Bars. We became so sick of those items, we couldn't even look at them by the end of the trip.
Rane Roatta
Clif bars. Cheap, nutritious, sweet goodness that fits in your pocket.
Always a good snack! ..... Wish we were sponsored

Friends: Where did we meet you? And how?

Crystal Ovesen
So a family friend of mine contacted me on facebook with a guys were having a time trying to get a tire changed in the middle of rural Kentucky, just so happens you were in my friends front yard, and heading in my direction, she asked if I could put you all up for the night...of course we could! Rane of course arrived hours ahead of Jaime and Naomi, he got settled in the garage and awaited the girls arrival while catching up on some things online. When the ladies made their arrival, after exploring Hodgenville, Ky a little bit, we had our FIRST totally vegan meal in our household! You all shared a little bit of yourselves with us that evening, not only the ones living in my home but my family and several neighbor kids, I think they enjoyed hearing your stories more than you all liked telling them. That evening you ladies stayed at my sisters in a nice fluffy bed!!! In the morning we helped you all get to a bike repair place to get those pesky tires taken care of and thus you all began the rest of your journey! We loved having you, and our home is open for you whenever you make a pass by!
Todd Derr
Rane contacted me on WarmShowers as you all were headed west through Kentucky. You arrived at my home in Owensboro, KY. on August 28th, 2015 and spent the night with my family. We were certainly glad to have had you here. You were great guests.
Here's a photo of you all on the morning you departed.

What did you learn most from the trip?

Naomi Davis
People are good; that is the core of it all. We might act in different ways, or use different words and ways of communicating, but I really now believe that we all share some sort of inner goodness. The amount of people that welcomed us into their homes, wanting nothing in return, the people who cooked us a hot vegan meal, gave us a ride when we lost the battle of the wind, or just smiled and waved, touched me in ways that I am still trying to understand. But at the base of it, I learned that people are good.
Jaime Mishkin
It never hurts to ask.

Oh, and I learned, quite literally, that with every uphill comes a downhill. And another uphill. But then, another downhill. And maybe some flatland. And probably another uphill in the distance. But you've just got to keep pedaling!

What six words would describe you the trip?

Naomi Davis
Jaime Mishkin
Challenging (both mentally and physically)

Friends & family: What's your favorite picture from the trip?

Ann Davis
This photo was taken at the Garden of the Gods when Jaime and Naomi stopped and spend the best few days with Aunt Honey and Uncle Dave. We are so proud of what you both accomplished this summer. We love you both.

Aunt Honey and Uncle Dave.

Friends & family: Anything you want the Trash Freeway to know? About you? About when we stayed with you?

Todd Derr
Ha, Ha. I guess I didn't read down far enough before I posted in the box above.
I wish I would have been better prepared to provide you guys with a vegan meal. We aren't vegan here, but we're totally cool with it and do eat vegetarian quite often. We're trying to make our family as low impact on the Earth as possible.
Be sure to follow my art as I keep growing in that respect also. Facebook, Instagram or look me up on the web.

Y'all take care and wish you the best in your future endeavors.

What are you grateful for?

Jaime Mishkin
I'm grateful for all the people across the country who took us in for the night. They cooked us meals, gave us a bed and a shower, and most importantly, memories to last a lifetime. I will always carry their generosity with me.

What's your favorite memory from the bike trip?

Jaime Mishkin
It's so hard to pick one, but running to the Pacific has to top them all. It wasn't so easy, though; when we got to the sand with our heavy heavy, 80 pound bikes, it wasn't an easy sprint to the ocean. Pushing our bikes through the sand took all the strength we had. Definitely the toughest moment, and the most comical.

Another memory that comes to mind is when we randomly went white water rafting in NM. After an epic ride down the side of a mountain, we took a rest at a small market. We started talking to a man who led white water rafting trips at a nearby river. Offhandedly, we asked if they offered discounts for cross-country cyclists. He offered to squeeze us in his next ride for free! While it began as a sunny journey, it began to down-pour midway through the trip. It was hilarious and kind of scary. We were once again wondering how we ended up in this situation.

Best picture from the trip?

Worst picture?

Do you think you changed throughout the trip? Did you grow?

What were the most amazing places you saw on the trip?