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Sugar Mundy-Brown

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How did you pick Sugar's name?

Vesper Locke
I named her before we even got there to pick her up. I chose "Sugar" because I knew she was sweet and because she was white in color. The dog pound had named her, "Maple" but, I corrected them when I was signing her paperwork to take her to her new home with her new family - me/us! :)

How did Sugar become a part of your family?

Vesper Locke
I seen her photo and information on a site on FaceBook. It was called something like, "Find-a-Dog". She was in a "dog pound" in McPherson, Kansas and was about out of time. That was a ways away for us but, I knew we had to go get her and include her in our family. So, I called the place and told them we'd be up the following day to get her. I actually gifted her to my son, Brandon for Christmas (because I already had 2 poodles) but, as you could have guessed, she was VERY much ALL of ours! She was SO smart, beautiful, had Precious Moment type eyes, and was the most gentlest little dog I'd ever been around. She really was "all good". <3

What are your favorite memories of Sugar?

Vesper Locke
There's so many but, one of my favorites is that she actually hopped - like a bunny - lol! It was ONE of her tricks that she'd do for treats. :)

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