Justin Joseph Benito

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How would Justin most want to be remembered?

Brett Benito
Justin would want to be remembered for being the most loyal Boston sports fan and as the best "Uncle" any kid could ask for.
Michelle Beshansky-Ginty
Oh of all the love he had to share, all the friends he has and what an amazing friend and listener he was. He was so much to so many. Just wish he knew that
Wish this picture came out a lil’ clearer, but I caught a nasty glare from the window.. This was a great day for Justin; it was at Lanes & Games in Cambridge right after Thanksgiving in 2016. At that time, Justin probably logged more hours watching or listening to Felger & Massarotti on 98.5 The Sports Hub than anyone in Boston & we happened to bowl in the next lane over from Tony Massarotti & his 2 kids on that Saturday. Massarotti bowled a lousy 117, I bowled a 155 & Justin was overly psyched about beating us both with a round in the 170’s in this picture! Justin took competing in things like bowling, cornhole, bocce, 2on2 basketball, & bodysurfing probably more serious than he ever took any job he ever worked! (which made him always fun to be around). I’ll always remember how fun it was to compete against Justin in these types of things & all the ribbing & trash-talking!

What are your best memories of time together?

Brett Benito
My best memories of Justin are of playing sports growing up, going camping or playing in the woods, and going to the beach.
Justin was our 1st friend to visit us at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Brighton the wknd Lindsay was born (7/29/11). Justin had a special relationship with Lindsay & I’ll be forever grateful for all of the times Justin chose to spend his free time with me & my daughter just chilling at our house doing things like Taco Tuesday or making a competition somehow out of playing with Lindsay’s little princess figurines. Justin created a lifetime of fun memories with Lindsay in 6 & ½ years

What's your favorite picture of Justin?

this is 1 of my favorite pictures, it's of me & Justin in the air. For Greg’s 30th, Brenda organized a trip to skydive/camp in Lebanon,ME. I can remember turning to Justin, admitting I was scared as shit right as it was my turn to jump out of the plane, & he said, “ahh, don’t be a puss Hrubala". August 2010
Ashley Marie
This was always my favorite picture for a few reasons. Justin was obsessed with this dress. He picked it out (even though I hated it) and was so proud of himself. I distinctly remember right before we took this picture he said (I hope she gets a lot of the dress in the pic) 😂😂😂

How did Justin affect other people?

Justin brought a lot of awesome people into my life.. It is because of my friendship with Justin that I was originally introduced to guys that have become some of my best friends in life like Greg Pavlisko & Jeff Beshansky & so on. I am thankful of that. This pic is at Greg’s bachelor party in Hampton Beach, July 2015

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