Joseph DeFino

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If you could send Joseph a message now, what would you say?

Christel Petrizzo
Joe, You will be sorely missed. I loved working under your quiet brilliance, easy demeanor, and great sense of humor!! You always let each person be themselves and never micro-managed but always gave gentle guidance if needed. You were an inspiration to us all, someone we could always go to with questions, big or small, and just a great person!! I wish I had known that you had passed earlier as I would have been there. I wish you had let us know you were ill as I think many of us would have been there for you then too. I am sorry that life caught me up down here in APG, and I haven't written in a while. I will regret that always. But you were always a happy, "it is what it is " person, so I will leave you with these words: 'I will miss you , and have missed you, but I am happy that you are not in any pain anymore. Stay happy and look down upon with a smile here and there. Enjoy Heaven, I hear it is a beautiful place and you deserve to be in a happy, beautiful place after all you have done for everyone for all those years. RIP Joe.

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