Chinyere Ngozi Olujide

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What do you admire most about Pastor Chinyere?

Bukky Shaba
I really admire her work ethic and how vast her knowledge base is. There's always so much to learn from her. She is also very kind and looks out for people around her.
What don’t I admire about Pastor Chinyere? Here are my top 10 things. I love her -

1. Humility: Such a strong and powerful yet tender and quiet spirit.

2. Peace: Does she ever lose her cool...ever?

3. Joy: She’s quick to laugh and has a great sense of humor too!

4. Love: She’ll defend you in front of others, privately tell you about yourself, and patiently wait for you to get right.

5. Work Ethic: I don’t know a more diligent, more thorough worker.

6. Family: I’d once asked her how she developed such a great relationship with her boys. She said she promised herself elk a long time ago to make the best of and enjoy the family she has.

7. Relationships: She has a contact for everything, maintains key relationships and knowing she can’t do it all alone delegates appropriately.

8. Compassion: She can put herself in others shoes and empathize with what you are going through, without enabling.

9. Self Esteem: She knows her strengths and weakness and is very okay with them all. Being able to love others starts with being able to love ourselves and she has a healthy love of herself.

10. Dedication to God: She’s uncompromising in the things of God, disciplined in her walk with him, and undoubtedly committed to doing his work.