Keeping my brother's memory alive

This is for my brother who lives in Heaven. I hope this will be a place for family and friends to come and share their stories of my brother and also hopes it helps ease the sorrow as the years go by.


Terry Lynn Day

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If you could send Terry a message now, what would you say?

Christie Day
I would tell him that I miss him so much. Terry, you were loved by so many people that I wished you could have seen how many loved you. Also, would say Daddy misses you more than you know and he rides your mopeds now I think it is to be close to you. We all love and miss you.
Stephanie Georgin
I would tell him that he is still loved and missed by a lot of people. He touched a lot of people’s hearts and I’ve been told by some that they are happy they met him. His grandkids miss and talk about him often. I would also make sure he knew that I am proud that he was my Daddy and my life is not the same without him here. He was my best friend. I would ask him to let my mama know that I’m ok here and even though my heart is broken, I understand they both were called home. They are my guardian angels, one on each side of me.