Mark Gerse

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What were the best things about Mark?

wendy Blake
He always made me laugh, he was deep, he was philosophical, he channeled cosmic wisdom, he was a great dancer, photographer, poet, he was completely committed to social justice, he had incredible eyes and a great smile, he was kind, he could be so sweet -- once he tried to help my mom with a problem, and I could see he really cared -- he loved Ruby dearly, completely -- she was the light of his life
Linda Carrube
Mark was easy going and sincere. He was the older brother of one of my best & dearest friends. He loved his family wholeheartedly. I will always remember how truly happy Mark would be when he would see one of Linda’s friends at a party or gathering and would always make time to chat. May he Rest in Sweet Peace in the arms of the Lord.
Maureen Mulcahy
For Mark’s sharing of love & family, deep faith with God, his compassion, pearls of wisdom, quick humor & all that makes him so unique & special. Look over us Mark which I know you’ll do, until we meet again love, Maureen