Pat and Peter Shaw

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What memories do you have of Pat and Peter?

LT Melmed
"Peter would always put his view in a no nonsense frank way but always with courtesy and usually a chuckle as well. I loved to have him on my side in debates around the table at Stalactites. He could put my arguments far more eloquently and authoritatively than I could. I met Patsy a few times and she was always charming and clearly an intellectual match for Peter.
We have lost two truly wonderful human beings."
(Posted by Mike Hassett
LT Melmed
"I only met Pat once. A long time back, maybe in the 80s, I was visiting HO for several days for some long forgotten reason. Peter invited me home for dinner one evening. After we had chatted about met matters for quite a while Peter asked Pat to tell us about her work. Pat demurred, saying that we wouldn’t understand. That didn’t go down too well with Peter, who pressed the issue. So Pat proceeded to describe a very intricate laboratory procedure. After a while I suspect that Peter may have been silently conceding that perhaps Pat was right." (Posted by Geoff Crane
LT Melmed
"I will remember him with fondness and respect for his personal integrity, intellectual capacity, and strongly held principles of life....Peter had a superb scientific knowledge and a quiet, effective way of helping and guiding his colleagues." (Posted by Neal Alan Bruce
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What are your thoughts on Pat and Peter's choice?

LT Melmed
"I salute the Shaws, and Maynard, and all the brave people who are in same boat and chose to go out with mental and moral clarity, with a fierce desire for self-determination, and with their dignity intact." (Posted by C Peterson
LT Melmed
"How can we possibly admire two people killing themselves, and then leaving the gruesome discovery for their children! Suicide should never be described as "dying with dignity." (Posted by Rob
LT Melmed
"The Perfect Ending to a full life. They chose the time and the manner of their INEVITABLE exit from this planet. Very empowering to be able to do that." (Posted by Wayne

Who were Pat and Peter's mentors?

LT Melmed

What six words best describe Pat and Peter?

LT Melmed
Independent, strong-minded, bold, smart, rational, brave.

What did Pat and Peter love?

LT Melmed
"The two scientists relished life. They skied, went bushwalking and climbed mountains, often taking their three young daughters with them. Their cultural and intellectual pursuits were many - classical music, opera, literature, wine, arguments over dinner with their many friends. They donated 10 per cent of their annual income to political and environmental movements. Family events were spent thoroughly debating the topics of the day." (

If you could send Pat and Peter a message now, what would you say?

What words of comfort can you offer Pat and Peter's family and friends?

What were Pat and Peter's favorite jobs?

What did Pat and Peter want to change about the world?

What did you learn from Pat and Peter?