Dede Smail

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What is most inspiring about Dede?

Jana Melpolder
How she chooses strength over fear and is one of the most empowered people I know!
Pat Melpolder
How strong she has been her whole life!!!

What is a favorite memory you have with Dede?

Pat Melpolder
Living with Don and I when she first moved to Erie. Couldn't ask for a better housemate.
SueEllen Speicher
A lot of my early memories center around Penn State. Since Aunt DeDe is the fun Aunt I always looked forward to visiting her. She had VCR earlier than we did. She had an exciting apartment and of course we could look forward to Creamery ice cream and KFC when we would visit. Even after she moved away from State College I still felt like she was part of it. She would come and visit me when I lived there and was the first one to meet Brian. Also our adventure to Amanda's wedding of course had a visit to State College first which was good as I would get a little stressed out after driving through Manhattan later that day.

How has Dede touched your life?

Pat Melpolder
She has brought such joy to my life - from the time we shared a bedroom and drew a line down the middle (she got the side with the door) to being a best friend and living in Erie. I sure do love her a lot for all the joy she brings to me.
SueEllen Speicher
Now that I am an Aunt I realize it is a very special female relationship in someone's life. Your Mom needs to guide and teach you and does this on a daily basis. An Aunt can do this too but maybe it is more relaxed or more fun. Aunt DeDe was a my wedding coordinator and her calmness through the whole experience really helped so much. She also enjoys crafts like I do so it is fun just to do crafts together. I really like how my Aunt has a very get up and go mentality and a I feel encouraged to get things done when I am with her.

What have you learned watching Dede?

Pat Melpolder
Strength in being who you are!

How did you meet Dede?

Pat Melpolder
I was 11 months old to the day and my mother had this little sister for me! Didn't have much of a choice!

Favorite photos?