Martin Waldman & Sandra Nemser

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List all the pets Martin and Sandra have had (and post photos)

Michael Waldman
The family had three cats. Elsa was the mother, named after Elsa The Lioness from a children's movie. She was close to Mom, and would follow her down the street. Elsa had a bunch of kittens. We kept two. George, a black and white cat, had the personality of a dog. Puffy -- so named because she had fluffy hair -- quickly became puffy. She gained an enormous amount of weight. Puffy was a neurotic -- when strangers would come in the house, she would dash off to my parents' walk in closet and hide in a garment bag. She also developed a tar ball on her back, because she would hide under the house and get stuck as she tried to escape. She also wisely avoided new surfaces such as new lineoleum tiles put in the kitchen. They had a sibling, who were given away: Little Elsa and Round Ears. One of them lost her tail in an accident. The other was given to someone who stole from us, and we never met her again.

Both George and Puffy terrorized another family pet -- Christopher the parakeet. They could never reach his cage to eat him, but they would jump off the kitchen table and knock it over with a loud clatter. We think they tried to induce a heart attack. There were other pets that were the children's -- a turtle named Paul Tripp (after a children's tv show host); numerous goldfish, none of whom lasted very long, and would be ceremonially flushed down the toilet. No dogs.

After Steve and I left home, a stray cat showed up -- resembling a scrawny golden-haired Puffy -- and my parents took her in. She was named Piffy.

There were various neighborhood tomcats. One sadly would wait out front for Elsa -- but apparently, it was another who became the father of Elsa's children.