Lois Vieser

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What did Lois love?

Connie Forbes
Mrs. V loved walking in the early evening just before sunset on her country estate Tranquility. Not far behind was her beloved Black Lab, Hagen who kept a watchful eye out for her every step. Mrs. V also loved to decorate the stone wall entrance on the estate. I will never forget the day we went into Wapole and she spotted the glorious supply of pumpkins at the Wapole Grocery and had me turn around and park....not sure why I soon discovered we were on a mission for the perfect size pumpkins and 30 minutes later we had approximately 20 pumpkins loaded.....Ms. V was on a mission!! I have so many treasured memories and Fall in New Hampshire with Ms. V will be memories I will forever treasure. Ms. V was not just enjoying fall in New Hampshire she was sharing these amazing moments with me. How blessed I have been.