Stanley Clark

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If you could send Stanley a message now, what would you say?

Stacy Dennis
Daddy, I love you .
Just one more song my sweet daddy, your soothing voice as you would sing me to sleep is a treasure I keep in my soul.

Thank you for your unending love. I miss you more than words , I love you more than I knew , but you knew that .

You are my daddy , my rock - There is a hole where your light was , but you are shining brighter as you breathe with ease ; you are finding a new place to share your light and love for me from up above.
Carolyn Huff
Daddy, I love you and miss you more than anything! I miss hugging you, miss talking to you, miss hearing your stories, miss your perspective, miss your humor, miss your word games, miss your smile, miss your sunny disposition and positive outlook. I just miss you~~~!! XO I love you.